Okay, so today has been a decent day in the realm of video games. I tend to have too many games to play, and consequently I end up finishing games much later than I would normally want to. Other times I lose interest in a game and never go back. Sometimes I go back to a game and discover that all the litte things that pulled at the back of my mind, bugging me, when playing the game new, have now come front and center and this often makes the game unplayable for me.

First, the good. I beat Dishonored today, finally. Dishonored is a wonderful game. Not without it’s frustrations, but a very well designed and executed game. I’m a fan of the old Thief games and this really is the closest thing we have on the current generation of consoles. Throwing in some clever, Bioshock type magic powers didn’t hurt either.

I also just completed the Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC for Batman Arkham City. That is also another great game. So, all in all, not a bad day.

I’ve also rage quit a few games in the last few days. One of which I’ll try again and another that is getting traded in for newer and better titles, never to be thought of again.

First, Dark Souls. I’ve heard all the hype around Demon Souls and Dark Souls and put off playing them for a long time. The high difficulty, plus the plethora of other games that I found immediately more enticing always put this one on the back burner. Recently a friend of mine picked this game up and became obsessed with it. I respect his opinion, because he got me into the Persona series (via Persona 4 The Golden) and that has become one of my all time favorite game series. So, I picked up a used copy and gave it a shot. I’m now on my fourth “shot”. I’ve tried a number of different classes and play styles and I keep getting my ass handed to me. And I rage quit. And the game politely points that fact out the next time I load it up by reminding me that turning off the game improperly will result in potential progress loss. However, I can see the potential in this game. I can see the depth that has been crafted into it. And so I go back again for my fifth try with yet another new character.

Second, the new Tomb Raider. When I first picked this game up I found it kinda fun. I thought some of the violence and graphic nature of it to be over the top, but then a lot of video games are. I also found it to be a strange conglomeration of recent video games and pop culture references. The game play seemed like a poor merging of the Uncharted series and the recently released Far Cry 3. I also noticed a lot of similarities to the television show Lost. But, to a degree, I expect those sorts of things from video games. I played it on and off for a week or two and then went out of town for several days. When I returned, Bioshock Infinite had been released and all my video game attention went there. When I finally returned to Tomb Raider I found a game that I truly didn’t enjoy. First and foremost the controls suck. Perhaps this is just on the PS3 because I’ve spoken with friends who have played on PC and they don’t seem to have the same problems. But it was a problem for me. Frequently the movement controls stick. This is a huge problem when in a firefight in the game. It’s also a lesser problem (but still a problem) when exploring via “platforming” in the game. Often Lara refuses to dodge or move. Sometimes I am unable to aim properly due to the same issue. This makes playing the game an exercise in frustration. Beyond that, the game has no real emotional depth. I know it tries. It desperately tries. But I just don’t care. Some guy from the boat Lara was on dies. Oh, well. Who was he again? Why should I care? Between it’s blatant grabs at my emotional strings and the overuse of shock and gore, I’ve become numb and uncaring to Lara’s journey. And that makes me not really care about finishing the game, which is annoying because I like to finish what I start. But in this case it just felt like a waste of time. So I rage quit this one. And it’s going to the bargin bin at Gamestop.

As you can tell from my incredible header, I am not overly skilled at Photoshop. But for never having used the program before, I’d say it’s not bad for a first attempt.

Now that the semester is done, I’ve finally managed to steal some time to work on the site. More changes and alterations to the layout and graphics are in the works. Hopefully the site will look a whole lot nicer soon.

In the mean time, I’m going to start posting regularly anyway. I’ll be putting up a new song I wrote for your listening pleasure soon. It’s an a cappella piece and very different from the style I tend to write in (for older songs, check out my SoundCloud page by clicking the icon at the top).

Getting Started…

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Hello everyone, let me introduce myself.

My name is Ted, but you can call me KTri. KTri is the shortname for King Triumph, the pseudonym I’ve written music under for over a decade. It’s also the name of this site.

I’ve established kingtriumph.com as a portal for the things that interest me, concern me and inspire me. Over the coming months and years I’ll be sharing my writing and music as its created. I’ll also be spending a good deal of time writing about and reviewing video games.

I’m aware that there are many, many sites that will provide day one reviews of video games from journalists who have been in the industry for years. So why bother reading my opinion? I hope to persuade you that my relationship with video games holds a unique view that can be valuable to the reader. I hope to show that I am not biased towards any publisher or developer of video games. And I hope to write interesting and fun to read reviews. I love video games. I have my whole life. But more on that later.

So, this is the start. More to come soon.

Thanks to Aaron Carlino of Uncle Cheese Productions.